{poetry} The Sound of Goodbye

Constant white noise
Ringing in your ears.
Black out.
Static coming from all angles.
You don’t know where it’s coming from or
How to make it stop.
Unexpected. Losing Love. Losing Life.
Losing the will to be.
New inhabitants in your mind.
Static turns to song.
Unwelcome thoughts. What now?
The noise is getting louder,
Thinking becomes harder to do.
Fate never hurt so bad.
Your subconscious takes over,
The music is becoming clearer.
You start to shake. Panic.
It’s like an orchestra
Playing a symphony.
The percussion is phenomenally loud.
You can’t control it.
You crawl into a corner,
Cover your ears,
But the sound is internal.
This can’t be happening.
You begin to take it all in,
Feeling you have no choice.
The sound starts getting softer.
The banging cymbals
Fade into a sweet harp.
The grand finale sweeps the audience and
Ends in applause.
The conductor turns, bows and
Exits stage right.
In the silence of the night,
You open your eyes and
You are alone.


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