{thoughts} first (again) of many

You know, it takes a lot out of someone to blog. Take me for example. I love to write. It relaxes me and gives me the chance to just let go and be free with my thoughts. But finding the time is tough. Being a full-time mom and working full time takes a toll on energy levels and one would prefer to be awake in order to write something that makes some sense. Unlike what I’m doing right now.

But I have a goal. One of many. But this one will remain simple and attainable (hopefully). I will write. Even if it’s just mere blabbing. It will be something. So bare with me while I gain some footing on this world of blogging. It will be quite the journey and adventure!

A little quote to settle the day:

“Give your dream a chance to live. Nurture it daily with the seeds of determination, inspiration, drive, and creativity. Feed it with passion, faith, patience, and positive expectation. Allow it to blossom by surrounding yourself with people who are doing things with their lives, and who believe in working hard to make things happen.”  – Les Brown



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