{poetry} Crashing down

When the walls start
Crashing down
Who am I?
An opaque window,
Forbidding the sun’s
Only stillness in the
A fluttering rainbow,
Vivid and full of life?
Nothing stopping me.
Or am I just human?
Looking for an unquestionable answer.
Reaching for the solution
To the age old problem.
Why me?
But I’m just like you.
Just a person hoping to
Find what’s truly within.
A florescent soul or a
Black hole?
Turning off the lights within would be the
Cowardly thing to do.
But the rabbit hole seems
Never ending.
Purpose. Strength. Patience.
All virtues of life
Unearthing before my very eyes.
What exactly do I do with them?
This daily scavenger hunt for
A sign will
Shatter my mind.
The search must go on.
We are all here for a
Reason. Even if the
Unknown lasts an



2 thoughts on “{poetry} Crashing down

  1. mto121494 says:

    I was reading this listening to some mellow trip hop. This has a good rhythm and rhyme scheme, what is the meter though?
    Pls reply : @kingfry1

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