{update} New Adventures!

It’s been a long time since I’ve been here to share a thought, poem, story, and what not. Yeap… life happens… However, I have started posting my stories on Wattpad. You can check out my author profile here. I’ll be posting a new chapter/poem for each book every week. I’m really excited about this new venture, and I hope you join me and tell me what you think! Any time I start a new story, I’ll be posting it here to keep you all updated! Here are my latest books:

Edge Desire

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Chaos From Within

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{poetry} Heartbreak warfare

Thumping. Pounding. Banging.
The throbbing in my head gets louder
And more uncontrollable as the
Minutes go by.
It’s hard to think, speak, function.
Daily routines being forgotten.
Short-term memory out the window.
Time passes.
Will the pain go away?
The pulsation of a mediocre life
Eating away inside my head.
A clanging symbol.
No one hears it but me.
Make it stop.
Warefare. Violence. Pain.
Routine becomes taboo.
Is that why I have forgotten? Or has
The burning pain become so
Unbearable, it has turned me
Inside out?
Love lost but never forgotten.

{poetry} Crashing down

When the walls start
Crashing down
Who am I?
An opaque window,
Forbidding the sun’s
Only stillness in the
A fluttering rainbow,
Vivid and full of life?
Nothing stopping me.
Or am I just human?
Looking for an unquestionable answer.
Reaching for the solution
To the age old problem.
Why me?
But I’m just like you.
Just a person hoping to
Find what’s truly within.
A florescent soul or a
Black hole?
Turning off the lights within would be the
Cowardly thing to do.
But the rabbit hole seems
Never ending.
Purpose. Strength. Patience.
All virtues of life
Unearthing before my very eyes.
What exactly do I do with them?
This daily scavenger hunt for
A sign will
Shatter my mind.
The search must go on.
We are all here for a
Reason. Even if the
Unknown lasts an


{poetry} Be you.

Be an inspiration.
Shine your light onto others
For your light keeps the world at bay.
Give yourself credit.
Because you
Deserve it.
Don’t cast a stone to punish another
Set an example.
In yourself. In what you do.
Set the ball in motion
And the rest will follow.
Be an inspiration.

{poetry} The Sound of Goodbye

Constant white noise
Ringing in your ears.
Black out.
Static coming from all angles.
You don’t know where it’s coming from or
How to make it stop.
Unexpected. Losing Love. Losing Life.
Losing the will to be.
New inhabitants in your mind.
Static turns to song.
Unwelcome thoughts. What now?
The noise is getting louder,
Thinking becomes harder to do.
Fate never hurt so bad.
Your subconscious takes over,
The music is becoming clearer.
You start to shake. Panic.
It’s like an orchestra
Playing a symphony.
The percussion is phenomenally loud.
You can’t control it.
You crawl into a corner,
Cover your ears,
But the sound is internal.
This can’t be happening.
You begin to take it all in,
Feeling you have no choice.
The sound starts getting softer.
The banging cymbals
Fade into a sweet harp.
The grand finale sweeps the audience and
Ends in applause.
The conductor turns, bows and
Exits stage right.
In the silence of the night,
You open your eyes and
You are alone.